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Vins de France 101

I am a Francophile of sorts. I adore all things French – wine, cuisine, and haut couture, in that order. My distinct pleasure is to introduce you to my first adoration on the list, the wine regions of France. Welcome to Vin de Francais 101. Bonjour, mon amis, et a votre sante! as we journey throughout France to “experience” why She is the undisputed mistress of wine.

"The New France" - Author Andrew Jefford Discusses the Evolution of French Wine

There are few people who have thought harder or more comprehensively about where the French wine industry has been and where it is heading than author Andrew Jefford. In his book, The New France, Jefford delves deep into seemingly every angle of importance regarding French wine. The reviews have been uniformly exceptional.

Beyond Cabernet: France’s Lesser-Known Grape Varieties

Many wine lovers have come to have an intimate appreciation for grape varietals like Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s no secret that many French wines are supremely developed blends, as well as one-grape standouts, but what does remain mysterious are those lesser-known, succulent grape varieties that create the foundation for many a fabulous creation. It’s time to pay homage to a few of the red and white grapes that help make France one of the most marvelous wine regions in the world.

Southern Rhone Red Vintage Chart

Southern Rhone    
2009 95 H
2008 88 D
2007 97

Northern Rhone Red Vintage Chart

Northern Rhone    
2009 93 H
2008 87 D
2007 88

Champagne Vintage Chart

2003 86 D
2002 94 D/H
2001 86

White Burgundy Vintage Chart

White Burgundy    
2009 90 D/H

Bordeaux Right Bank Vintage Chart

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