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2015 Domaine Weinbach Gewurztraminer Furstentum, France, Alsace, Wine Review

This wine is quite sweet.  How good the wine is depends on if you are ready for it and if you like sweet wines.  Light silvery gold in color.  There are a slight amount of bubbles in the glass on opening but they are resolved quickly.  Great nose of Lychees with minerals and apricots.  Full bodied.  Oily texture.  This is quite deep and tightly layered.  It unwinds in the glass in layers of apricots, minerals and sweet syrup.  This would be quite at home with an array of blue cheeses for dessert.  There is enough acidity to carry it thru some spicy food as well.  Its best days are in front

2015 Trimbach Gewurztraminer, France, Wine Review

Honestly, this was a puzzler.  It was good, but Trimbach is known for dry wines.  This was not.  Slight to medium sweetness (say 3% to 5% RS?).  Of course, not that there is anything wrong with that, but was this a representative bottle?  Light golden in color.  The nose is fruity with slight lychee and apricots.  Slight simple syrup.  On the palate, this has a note of hay along with peaches.  Slightly sweet.  Nice finish.  This is food friendly.  Drink over the next five to ten years.  

2014 Trimbach Gewurztraminer, France, Alsace, Wine Review

Always a top notch value and wine.  Trimbach is known for their dry style.  Light gold in color.  The nose has lychees and slight apricots.  It has a perception that the wine will be sweet.  On the palate, however, this is dry.  Minerals and a slightly sour tangerine note which is quite enjoyable.  It has a nice depth and complexity.  Good finish.  Quite food friendly with a wide variety of foods.  $30 in Ohio but only between $15 or $25 in the free wine world.  Drinking great right now, it should last for five years easily and probably more.  

2012 Domaine Bechtold Gewurztraminer Engelberg, France, Alsace, Wine Review

Light silvery gold in color.  There are a small amount of bubbles in the glass but they blew off quickly.  The nose is nice with lychees and minerals.  The palate is slightly sweet with a candied quality to it.  Like a hard candy with a sort of tropical fruit/citrus flavor.  It also has an interesting wheat note (think wheat beer).  Overall, drinking well but starting to show its age.  It depends on how you like these wines.  $34

2014 Zind-Humbrecht Gewurztraminer Turckheim, France, Alsace, Wine Review

Golden in color.  The nose is a bit musty with slight sugary notes.  With air it cleans a bit and shows lychees.  A different bottle opened a couple of days before also showed this mustiness and the thought of TCA was there.  Leaving it for two days, the wine cleaned up nicely, so that might be an issue with this bottling.  On the palate, a wonderful oily texture.  Some orange peel.  Turns slightly bitter on the finish.  Overall, this is a complex wine.  Quite food friendly.  It is a bit sweet but just a bit.  

NV Willm Brut Blanc de Blancs, France, Alsace, Wine Review

10% Gewurztraminer, 30% Pinot Blanc, 30% Pinot Gris, 30% Riesling.  This is made in the traditional method.  It does not appear to be labelled as Cremant.  Light silvery/yellow/white/gold in color.  Very pale.  A nice head of medium sized bubbles.  The nose is nice with a bit of seltzer and slight lemon.  On the palate, this has slight lime peel with some juniper berry (Gin) and other herbals.  Not a lot of depth but very refreshing.  Slightly short on the finish.  This is easy drinking sparkling wine.  Dry and very food friendly.  At $16, this is a nice value.  

2016 Albert Mann Gewurztraminer, France, Alsace, Wine Review

This was a very good value and is drinking very well.  Around $20.  Light golden in color.  The nose is more restrained with nice lychees, peaches and minerality.  On the palate, this is slightly viscous and slightly sweet.  None of the bitter almond that sometimes shows up in Gewurztraminer.  Peaches and minerals.  Best when not served to cold.  Perhaps around $60F.  The wine gets more expressive and rounder.  Worked with a wide variety of foods.  This is a bit more restrained than many of the other Gewurztraminers in this price range which is probably a good thing.  It works more as a tot