Ohio/Michigan Vintage Chart

Ohio/Michigan 2010 88 D 2009 83 D 2008 85 D 2007 96 D/H 2006 87 D 2005 87 D 2004 86 D 2003 89 D 2002 88 D 2001 89 D 2000 86 D 1999 88 D 1991 92 D Vintage Charts should be used for a generalized guide in lieu of specific knowledge about a bottle or producer. The better wines from a vintage will...

Ohio State vs. Michigan: That’s Right, I’m Talking Wine

The middle of November is rivalry time in the world of college football. It is also the time of year when the retailers and restaurant start blaring “Le Beaujolais est Arrivè”. For many, there is no connection between the two, but not for my friend and wine lover Andrew Hall. You see Andrew lives in Columbus, Ohio. There may not be a city in the country more crazed over its college football team, in his case, the Ohio State Buckeyes. And, there may not be a more storied or bitter college rivalry than Ohio State vs. Michigan. So bitter is the rivalry, that the word Michigan is rarely uttered by the denizens of Columbus, euphemistically referring to them, as did former OSU coach Woodrow Hayes, as “that school up north”. The last game of the Big Ten football season always features these two teams.