NV Camossi Franciacorta Extra Brut Rosé, Italy, Lombardia, Wine Review

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If you don't know Franciacorta, you should remedy that as soon as you can.  Franciacorta is a DOCG in Italy that makes wonderful sparkling wines.  Many are as good as all but the very finest of Champagnes and most are made using the same traditional method.  This one is a very nice value though they can be pricey.  This is very pale salmon pink in color.  Barely any color at all.  The nose has a bit of toast on it with a hint of cherry juice.  On the palate, the light cherry juice continues with great liveliness.

2017 Costaripa Mattia Vezzola Palmargentina Vino Dulce, Italy, Lombardy, Wine Review


This is a dessert wine made from  Groppello, Marzemino, and Moscato Rosa grapes in Lombardy, Italy.  It does not appear to be available in the US at the moment (sadly).  10% Alc and sold in 500ml bottles.  What a treat.  Deep salmon in color.  The nose has oranges, simple syrup, pine and malted milk.  Slightly sweet on the palate but with a great backbone of acidity.  Lots of minerality along with some nice fresh strawberry notes.  Slight tannins.  A long finish.  This is meant to be a dessert wine so food pairing can be an issue.  This would be great with fresh fruit or a lighter fruit tar

Franciacorta: Italy’s Sparkling Wine Answer to Champagne

Italy makes a wide variety of sparkling wines that are wonderful values and great tasting wines suitable for the holidays. In the last article, we discussed the sparkling wines of Asti in the Piemonte ( Moscato d’Asti and Asti Spumante). I would like to continue to explore the sparkling wines of Italy. The first region one encounters when heading east from the Piemonte is the region of Lombardia.