Hawkes Bay: Articles on New Zealand's Hawkes Bay Wine Region

Q&A with Nicholas Buck, Te Mata Estate

Te Mata EstateEstablished in 1896, Te Mata Estate remains family owned, producing internationally recognized wines exclusively from its Hawkes Bay vineyards.  Under the direction of John Buck, Te Mata Estate has, over nearly thirty years, produced a stunning array of red and white wines. Te Mata Estate has also developed a unique single vineyard from which it produces its Woodthorpe wines.

IntoWine recently caught up with Te Mata Estate to discuss wine and thoughts on current trends in the wine industry.

What prompted you to pursue winemaking as a career? 

I was born into wine, grew up in it, and was exposed to too many wonderful wines at an impressionable age.  I’ve since been unable to consider any other career.

Hawke's Bay: New Zealand's Oldest Wine Region

Hawke's Bay, the oldest wine region in New Zealand, is known for its top-quality red wines and chardonnays.  In fact, 30 percent of all chardonnay grapes grown in New Zealand are planted in the Hawke's Bay wine region.

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