NV Kirkland Signature Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG, Italy, Veneto, Wine Review

Kirkland is the in house brand for Costco.  They contract out a wide variety of wines and many of them including this one are very good and great values.  This sells for $7.Silvery green and gold in color.  A modicum of medium sized bubbles.  The nose is reticent but with minerals and limes/green apples.  It opens with a bit of air but is never strong.  It is better and stronger on the palate.  Clean.  Just a hint of sweetness, just barely.  Good acidity.  Good finish.  This is food friendly and easy to drink.  Made for immediate consumption, for $7, this is a no brainer for parties and coo

2009 Tommaso Bussola Amarone della Valpolicella Classico, Italy, Veneto, Wine Review

Bussola is one of the top three producers of Amarone.  What separates him from the other two is pricing.  Bussola's wines are affordable.  This is his base wine and it retails for around $50.  That is not inexpensive, but it is worth it.  One caveat, to really get the full bang for your buck, let them age for a while.  This one is still not yet at peak but showing quite well especially with a bit of air.  Purple in color with some ruby swirls.  On the nose this has cherries, black cherries, tobacco, dried currants, slight sandalwood and prune.  Very deep.  On the palate, this is dry but fee

2012 Giuseppe Campagnola Amarone della Valpolicella Classico, Italy, Veneto, Wine Review

This is an inexpensive Amarone that is at least true to its name.  So many of these are just glorified Valpolicella's it seems.  Purple in color, ruby at the rim.  The nose has dried cherries and black cherries with an herbal note and slight raisin.  On the palate this drinks well.  Dried cherries with an herbal note.  Dry.  Good acidity.  Nice with food.  Nothing amazing here but enjoyable and drinking very well for the price.  

2014 Ronca Corvina, Italy, Veneto - Wine Review

Even just a hair better than the Bardolino, this Corvino is excellent.  It retails for $17.  Ruby in color.  The nose shows cherries and leather.  On the palate, this has ripe cherries.  Great acidity.  A bit of anise on the finish is very nice.  Light tannins.  Like most Italian wines, these are made for the dinner table and the acidity will work with the food.  Outstanding value.  

2015 Ronca Bardolino, Italy, Veneto - Wine Review

Outstanding value.  This wine retails for $15 and is outstanding.  Light ruby in color.  The nose has cherries with slight minerals and slight tea.  On the palate, it shows more sour cherries with great acidity.  Would certainly work better with food.  Ligh tannins.  Good finish.  I don't think this will age a long time but it should last a few years.  Very nice.  

2013 Conte di Bregonzo Amarone della Valpolicella, Italy, Veneto - Wine Review

This is a staple at Trader Joe's (at least my local store).  For under $20, it is hard to find a less expensive Amarone.  The only problem is that it really doesn't taste like an Amarone.  At least not like the better ones that have eanred this area's reputation.  That said, it is a good solid wine that if it had been labelled Valpolicella I might have said it a fine value.  Ruby in color.  The nose has cherries and slight dark cherries.  The fruit carries over to the palate.  Nothing dried or rasin about this.  Good acdity.  A solid wine.