2014 Laurentia Vineyard and Winery Riesling Beton, USA, Ohio, Wine Review

From the shores of Lake Erie in Northeastern Ohio, this is a serious attempt at a quality Riesling.  And they succeed.  Light green gold in color.  The nose has some lemon, slight peach and slight petrol (kind of young for this).  On the palate, this has some green apple and peach.  It seems just slightly off dry but that may just be the fruit.  Good acidity but not bracing.  Nice finish.  This retails for $24 and is fairly priced.  I doubt many would guess its origins correctly in a blind tasting.  It probably won't make old bones and should be drunk in the next few years I would think (bu

2015 Lakehouse Winery Pinot Grigio, USA, Ohio, Lake Erie, Wine Review

Ohio actually has some of the longest wine making traditions in this country.  Prior to, and just after, Prohibition, the area along the southern shores of Lake Erie was one of the leading winemaking areas in the country.  These days, there are still many wineries producing many excellent whites and dessert wines, and the occasional quality red.  Most, however, follow the tourist model, often combining restaurants or Inns and providing entertainment in addition to serving their own wines.  The wine was from one of those.  That doesn't mean the wines are not good or worth buying.