Kelly's Island is part of a group of islands in the south western section of Lake Erie just off the Ohio coast.  Back in the mid-1800's this was one of the leading wine areas of the country.  Now it is kind of a summer resort escape area.  It is always difficult to make reds in Ohio due to late and early frosts and lots of thunderstorms and hail and very hot temperatures.  Yields were apparently way down in 2022, but luckily a friend lives right next to the winery and was able to snag a bottle for us.  This wine seems to be somewhere between a very serious rosé and a lighter red wine.  11.5% abv.  Deep ruby in color, clear and bright. The nose has some black cherries, green bell pepper, fresh tobacco and cranberries.  Light to medium bodied.  On the palate, black cherries, cranberries, and cherries with some underlying tobacco.  Good acidity.  Moderate finish.  A very nice wine sitting outside on a sunny early autumn day listening to live music.  Profound?  Probably not, but enjoyable?  Absolutely.  Drink over the next few years.  Nice with foods off the grill.