2016 Maysara Winery Pinot Blanc Arsheen, USA, Oregon, McMinville, Wine Review

Light golden in color.  The nose is mild with pears and melons.  On the palate, there is a slight diesel note but also some slight fruit.  It has a round texture, but lacks much acidity or intensity.  It is enjoyable, but leaves one wanting for a bit more.  Some of that is the varietal but still.  $19 retail.  A very solid wine.  Drink now this may have been better a year ago.  

2012 Sineann Cabernet Sauvignon Red Mountain, USA, Washington, Wine Review

Glass "cork" is very cool.  Purple in color.  This is a pretty classic Washington Cabernet.  The nose has cassis, black cherries, tobacco and slight bell pepper.  On the palate, this is in a good place if still a bit young.  Cassis layered with tobacco and earth.  Some tannins.  Slightly bitter in a good way.  Nice finish.  This works well with food.  Probably will continue to mature and layer, but not really get better, just different.  Very nice wine right now.  

NV Lonz (Firelands Winery) Pink Perch, USA, Ohio, Wine Review

Lonz winery no longer exists as a winery (it is part of a park in the Lake Erie Islands), but at one time was the largest winery in the country!  The Lake Erie Islands are a summer time vacation and recreation spot (as well as the mainland coast).  This is a vacation wine meaning that it intended for people to buy while in the area and enjoying their vacation.  It is sold in and near the Lake Erie Islands in northwest Ohio.  This is self described as a white Zinfandel styled wine.  It is unclear what varietals are used to make it up (or even if it is 100% grapes).  Deep ruby in color.  The

NV Mon Ami (Firelands Winery) American Rose, USA, Ohio, Wine Review

This is a blend of French and American varietals made along the shores of Lake Erie near what is known as the Lake Erie Islands.  For those history fans, back in the 1800's, the Lake Erie Islands were on of the top wine producing regions in the country.  As recently as the 1930's it was rated as one of the top 5 along with Napa, Virginia, New York and Missouri.  Now the area is a summer vacation spot and due to the cold winters, late springs, hot summers, it can be a difficult place to make wine.  Mon Ami is a restaurant and a winery.  This is ruby/orange in color, deep and bright.  The nos

NV CLE Urban Winery Murray Hill Pinot Grigio

CLE Urban Winery is located in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.  They are essentially a wine bar that gets juice from California and other places and makes their own wine which is sold at the bar.  The labels feature different scenes of Cleveland.  This one features the brick street that is the heart of Cleveland's Italian community.  The wine is light golden in color.  The nose has tangerine and orange with a slight minerality.  On the palate, this is big and fruity.  Tangerine with some sweetness.  It is not deep but it has enough acidity to be refreshing.  While it does not have the minerality n

2015 Mercer Estates Chardonnay Mercer Canyons, USA, Washington, Columbia Valley, Wine Review

Light golden in color.  The nose has a fair amount of oak on it.  A bit fleshy with vanilla and slight lemons.  The oak became more pronounced with air. On the palate, the oak continues and at times it is searing and bitter.  There is also vanilla and lemons.  It does have a very nice texture.  I drank in a crowd and many liked this and even enjoyed the oak profile which is fine.  This may be a divisive wine based on that but seems to be otherwise a consistent wine.  It was being closed out for $8 which is hard to beat!

2013 Sineann Pinot Gris Wy'east Vineyard, USA, Oregon, Columbia Gorge, Wine Review

A very interesting wine for a couple of reasons.  First, the Columbia Gorge AVA is the only AVA that spans across two states (Oregon and Washington).  Second, drinking a Pinot Gris at five years from vintage is really pushing it, but this was screw capped which gave it a fighting chance. This is a wine that was drinking great in 2014 with plenty of fruit but its now 2018.   Light silvery gold in color.  The nose has a nice fresh minerality to it but little fruit.  On the palate, this has a nice texture.  13% Alc.  There is some minerality and a hint of citrus though there really isn't much

2008 Thomas Pinot Noir Dundee Hills, USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley, Wine Review

Jon Thomas is one of those winemakers that every region seems to have.  Idiosyncratic but making some of the best wines in the region.  This is ruby in color.  The nose is nice with slightly sour cherries.  With air, cherries emerge as well.  On the palate, this is complex with layers of cherries and spice.  Long finish.  Thomas wines are made for the long haul and this is no exception.  Drinking great with air, its best days are still ahead.  This will improve.  Works well with a large variety of foods.  This is an Oregon wine, it is not "Burgundian" or Californian.  And, it competes and e

2013 Becker Vineyards Pinot Blanc Bingham Family Vineyards, USA, Texas High Hills, Wine Review

Kind of cool drinking a wine from Texas.  Light golden in color.  The nose has a bit of a sweet scent to it along with minerals and slight petrol.  At first I thought it was a Riesling.  On the palate, this is sweet.  A bit disjointed but not bad.  It is sweet with some minerals and a candied lemon note to it.  Worked pretty well with a salad.  I believe it cost around $20 which is fine for a fun wine and something different.  While I am not familiar with this winery or wine, I suspect it was better a year or two ago.