Greek Wine Travel: An Overview

Strolling through the narrow curving and criss-crossing streets, past ancient crumbling buildings, chapels and fountains, the moment you emerge from the labyrinth-like old city and set your eyes on the sea shore with the sunset’s rays dancing in the lapping waves, you realize this city is made for lovers.

Road Shows: Greece 2007

While no match for the fickle flip of fashion rags like Vogue, nevertheless, wine publications have a tendency to declare a new “wine darling” seemingly every year. From Gruner Veltliner to the rebirth of Riesling, or the rise of Spain to the fall of Australia, wine fashions ebb and flow with the tide of sommelier fancy and corporate marketing. For the last few months, I’ve been noting that more and more publications have been talking about Greece. So, when the “All About Greek Wines” tour (sponsored by thirty-one producers to promote Greek wines in North America) came to San Francisco in April, the time seemed ripe to check out what the latest media starlet had to offer.

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