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Mendoza: Argentina's Premier Wine Region Profiled

Ask any wine lover about wines from Argentina, and you'll probably get one of two answers – malbec or Mendoza.  Just as wines made from the malbec grape are associated with Argentina, the country that made them great, Mendoza's influence on Argentina's wine industry is so strong that many people focus exclusively on this region.

Best Argentinian Malbec Wines (For the Money)

In recent years, wine reviewers have taken notice of the quality wines coming out of Argentina, particularly malbecs.  The malbec grape, originally from France, flourishes in Argentina, particularly in the Mendoza wine region.  In fact, some people believe that Argentinian malbecs are just as good as –and in some cases superior to – malbec wines from France.


2003 Weinert Malbec - IntoWineTV Episode 29

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