NV Viñedo de los Vientos Tannat Alcyone, Uruguay, Wine Review

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This is a Tannat based dessert wine from Uruguay.  Very interesting.  Dark brown in color.  The nose is like a chocolate flavored Tootsie-Pop.  Sweet and chocolaty.  The palate is slightly viscous and very chocolaty.  Sweet but just a bit.  Not cloying.  A little goes a long way, but a very fun wine.  

Wine & Uruguay: 24 Hours of Wine and Food

A 24 Hour Diary: Feb 20, 2008, 11:35 am, Porto Alegre Airport, Brazil I’m shopping at the duty free store in the Porto Alegre airport as I wait for my twice-delayed flight to Montevideo. Luckily I now have enough time to pick out the most useful things one could have during a hot and sweaty South American summer... a pair of Brazilian Havaenna flip-flops...35 spf face cream... and some over-priced designer deodorant ( no sense in layering on perfume over my sun-block and insect-repellent).

Uruguayan Wines: Worth Seeking Out

It’s no secret that South America is a hot wine producing area. It’s hard to beat malbecs from Argentina and cabernet sauvignons from Chile for price to quality ratio. But how many people can point to the country of Uruguay on a map, let alone say they’ve tasted a wine from there?