It’s not easy to find an approachable Tannat, one that drinks well right out of the bottle. One of the reasons is that the Tannat grape has more, and larger, seeds than other grapes therefore the tannins are more aggressive. Tame that and you’ve got it nailed. Uruguay is a country pushing Tannat to the world and with great results. This 2020 is a lively robust wine that will change your mind about this misunderstood grape. Yes, it’s a fairly big wine (clocking in at 15% you notice the alcohol after a few sips) but the tannins are quite restrained and the wild berry fruit of boysenberry, gooseberry, blueberry and huckleberry are enjoyable and given free reign here. However, Bodega Cerro del Toro attains balance with solid, mature deep fruit, tight tannins (but not overbearing), and an acidity that compliments them both. Most notable is that this wine sees no oak, but that does not impede the wonderful balance of this wine. Uruguay exports less than 5% of its wine, therefore at a mere 667cases, it’s a little more difficult to find, but well worth your time. ORIGIN: Uruguay. ALCOHOL: 15%

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