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Best Argentinian Malbec Wines (For the Money)

In recent years, wine reviewers have taken notice of the quality wines coming out of Argentina, particularly malbecs. The malbec grape, originally from France, flourishes in Argentina, particularly in the Mendoza wine region. In fact, some people believe that Argentinian malbecs are just as good as –and in some cases superior to – malbec wines from France.

Argentinean Wine Vintage Chart

Argentina 2010 89 D 2009 92 D/H 2008 87 D 2007 92 D/H 2006 90 D 2005 92 D/H 2004 88 D 2003 89 D 2002 93 D 2001 88 D 2000 87 D 1999 90 D Vintage Charts should be used for a generalized guide in lieu of specific knowledge about a bottle or producer. The better wines from a vintage will generally have...

2003 Weinert Malbec - IntoWineTV Episode 29

In this episode of IntoWineTV, host Lisa Kolenda and wine experts Bartholomew Broadbent and Pamela Busch convene at San Francisco's CAV Wine Bar and Kitchen for a blind tasting and discussion of 24 different wines made by women. Theme: Wines by Women. In this tasting IntoWine is featuring wines...