2015 Daniel Bouland Morgon Corcelette Vieilles Vignes, France, Beaujolais, Wine Review

Wow, is this good.  $30 retail and a great value at that price.  Ruby in color with some purple swirls.  The nose has sour cherries, cherries, anise, slight spice.  On the palate, this has a wonderful texture.  Medium bodied but lush.  Great acidity.  Juicy black cherry fruit.  Deep and some complexity.  Light tannins.  Great with food.  It is delicious.  

2016 Domaine des Terres Dorées (Jean-Paul Brun) Chardonnay Beaujolais Blanc, Wine Review

This was fun to throw into a Burgundy tasting.  Is it on point?  Technically, yes.  And at $15, no harm done.  This is actually a wonderful value for a Chardonnay of this level.  Medium golden in color.  The nose is interesting with minerals, some lemon, and spice.  I wouldn't think this saw oak, but it certainly had some of those characteristics.  On the palate, this is tart with almost a cherry quality which is interesting for a white.  Some minerality.  A bit of depth.  I would prefer a bit more acidity and cut but it was fine.  

2015 Daniel Bouland Morgon Corcelette Vieilles Vignes, Beaujolais - Wine Review

Excellent wine and my favorite 2015 Beaujolais (So far).  Deep purple in color.  The nose is dusty with black cherries and a bit of fig.  On the palate, lovely silky texture.  Black cherries and black raspberries with nice spice to it.  Sort of a combination of Syrah and Zin in a good way but a bit lighter.  Firm tannins.  This got better all night and has lots of upside but it is delicious now.

2015 Daniel Bouland Morgon Delys, Beaujolais - Wine Review

Inky purple in color.  The nose has cedar with some cherries and black cherries.  On the palate, black cherries.  Medium tannins.  This wine is excellent but it seems to be close to ready to drink now and without the potential for much more improvement.  That is not a bad thing (and it may even be a good thing) though.  

2015 Château Thivin Côte de Brouilly Cuvée Godefroy, Beaujolais - Wine Review

A bit lighter in style (truer?) than most of the other 2015 Beaujolais I tasted.  To me, that was a good thing.  Purple/ruby in color.  The nose is very tight at first but then opens to cherries with a touch of spice.  Maybe also some rhubarb.  On the palate, this is tart cherries.  Bold acidity.  I like this a lot but some may have issues with the tartness.  Nice complex.  Kept improving all night long.  A Fass Selection wine.  

2015 Daniel Bouland Morgon Schiste

Purple/Ruby in color.  The nose has dark cherries and a nice earthiness to it.  Just a hint of funk.  On the palate, this has sweet black cherry fruit.  Seems packed quite tight.  It just starts to unwind in the glass but needs some cellar time.  Firm tannins.  

2015 Coudert Fleurie Clos de la Roilette Cuvée Tardive, Beaujolais - Wine Review

Purple/ruby in color.  Bright.  The nose takes a moment then shows black cherries, some candied qualities.  Someone said butterscotch, and that is close.  With more air, black cherries and earthiness.  On the palate, this is deep and complex.  Tannic.  Black raspberries and very clean.  Blind I might have guessed Cote Rotie.  Its best days are in the future IMO.