2009 Domaine du Vissoux / Pierre-Marie Chermette Moulin-à-Vent Les Trois Roches

Showing just a bit of age at this point, but still has some development left.  Ruby/purple in color.  The nose is initially tight but opens with some celery and sandalwood.  With air, cherries and a bit of earthiness come in.  Even later some merde as well.  On the palate, this is tart black cherries.  Tingly acidity.  Again, it opens with air to show more fruit.  At the same time, more tannins emerge as well.  Surprisingly tannic at this point, but enough fruit to warrant further ageing as well.

Beaujolais Nouveau - The Wine List - November 2014

There is a wine phenomenon every November when the cry goes out: Beaujolais Nouveau est Arrive! For more information about this phenomenon, go here . Beaujolais Nouveau is a popular wine to serve at Thanksgiving for a few reasons. First, they are prominently displayed on the store shelves at the same time people are shopping for their Thanksgiving groceries, 2) they are affordable wines that should cost less than $15 per bottle and can often be found for under $10, and 3) they match surprisingly well with Thanksgiving Turkey, cranberries and stuffing. I find most Beaujolai Nouveau falls in one of two groups. They are either fun wines or wines that I wouldn’t drink. A good Beaujolais Nouveau will have lots of cherry fruit, perhaps a bit of banana aromas and should be smooth and easy to drink. Here are ten in the first group; wines that are fun, taste good and provide value. There are others out there as well, but these are go-to wines for me. One bit of caution, don’t buy too many. These should be consumed by the end of the year. The best thing about them is their freshness.

What is Beaujolais Nouveau?

The third Thursday in November is the date for a wine phenomenon each and every year. “ Beaujolais Nouveau est arrive ” marks the worldwide marketing campaign for this unlikely wine. What is Beaujolais Nouveau and how did we get here? Under the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) wine regulations of France, wine released in the year the grapes were harvested must be labeled nouveau or vin (de) primeur . Each AOC will determine the specific dates the wine may be released. These wines are fruity wines that have just barely made the change from grape juice to wine. They are made quickly, barely allowing time for the grapes to ferment. Some versions are sweet as they have not completed their fermentations and still have some residual sugar.

Wines of Burgundy's Beaujolais Wine Region: Quality You Might Not Expect

This is Part One of a Two Part Series on Beaujolais Beaujolais is one of the most misunderstood wines in all of France. Most people know Beaujolais Nouveau as the “grape drink” masquerading as wine that is released every November to much fanfare. There is another side as well. Beaujolais can be a complex wine capable of improving in a cellar and even the best producers can be purchased for reasonable pricing. Beaujolais is a wine that every wine lover should get to know.

Beaujolais, France - Wine Vintage Chart

Beaujolais, France 2010 88 D 2009 97 D/H 2008 88 D/H 2007 84 D 2006 88 D 2005 89 D/H 2004 88 D 2003 83 D 2002 92 D 2001 89 D 2000 88 D 1999 91 D 1998 89 D 1997 85 D 1996 90 D 1995 87 D Vintage Charts should be used for a generalized guide in lieu of specific knowledge about a bottle or producer...

Beaujolais, Georges Duboeuf and the Evolution of Nouveau: Rudolph Chelminski Discusses His New Book

Each year at 12:01 AM on the third Thursday of November, millions of bottles of Beaujolais Nouveau begin a journey from a little French village to locales across the globe. Wine stores and cafes enthusiastically greet these shipments with signs and banners proclaiming "Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!" "The New Beaujolais has arrived!". With this begins the annual celebration of the arrival of the French wine Beaujolais Nouveau, a celebration steeped in tradition, frivolity, grandeur, legend, and of course, fabulous wine.

Georges Duboeuf's Views of the 2005 Vintage

Exceeding Our Expectations Thank heavens, the harvest has begun in exceptional conditions. Over 40,000 people from the farthest corners of France have arrived in Beaujolais for the occasion, and by the end of the week the 22,000 hectares (54,362 acres) of my Beaujolais vines will have yielded their...