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Wine Charities: For the Love of Wine

Since grade school we’ve all heard the fatigued proverb, “It’s better to give than to receive.” Most of us wouldn’t argue with that, at least not publicly. Privately however, well, who doesn’t want free stuff? In truth, the wine industry is a magnanimous group, routinely called upon to provide free juice for charity auctions, public and private tastings, festivals and most anyplace where wine is poured and people want to imbibe at little or no cost. These three west coast wineries showcase the dedication of making wine, making changes, one bottle, and one person at a time.

10 Fascinating Facts About Sonoma

Sonoma is the sister valley to California’s Napa Valley wi

Dan Aykroyd Wines: Giving New Meaning to the Phrase "Consuming Mass Quantities"

Visit DanAykroydWines.comWhether you know him from Saturday Night Live, the Blues Brothers, Ghostbusters or the myriad films in which he has appeared, Dan Aykroyd’s DNA is found throughout the blueprint of pop culture.  Now, three decades after exploding onto the scene as an SNL cast member, he has turned his attention to winemaking with the launch of Dan Aykroyd Wines.  IntoWine recently caught up with Dan to learn more about his wine venture. 

What first got you into wine?
I really got interested in wine when I started working on Saturday Night Live.  Up to that point my level of sophistication was mostly drinking Mateus Rose to impress various young ladies on dates or back at their place, if I was lucky.  However Steve Cropper the legendary blues musician who played in the Blues Brothers band and on the show took me under his wing and taught me a lot about wine.  He was the one who introduced me to Grand Cru Bordeaux and Burgundy and the wonderful big reds of California.  While he’s the one who got me started it was really my friend Issac Tigrett who was one of the founders of the House of Blues who gave me my graduate course in fine wine. 


Dan Aykroyd Wines - IntoWineTV Episode 96

"Celebrity Wines." Host Lisa Kolenda and wine experts Bartholomew Broadbent, Cezar Kusik, and Rob Renteria taste and discuss the Dan Aykroyd Wines.

2003 Chateau St. Jean Reserve Merlot - IntoWineTV Episode 92

"@#$% Sideways! Merlots that Rock". Host Lisa Kolenda and wine experts Laely Heron, Bartholomew Broadbent, and Loren Sonkin taste and discuss the 2003 Chateau St. Jean Reserve Merlot from Sonoma County, California.

Agoston Haraszthy: The Father of California Wine

If you take a moment to ponder who deserves the title as Father of Californian wine, a few names may pop into mind. Limiting our scope to recent generations, Robert Mondavi might be the most obvious choice, as he helped to transition Napa Valley from its post-prohibition bulk wine doldrums to its rightful place among the greats of the modern wine producing regions.

California Pinot Noir, Sonoma - Wine Vintage Chart

California Pinot Noir    
2009 90 D/H
2008 91 D/H

Judgment of Paris: Film "Bottle Shock" Brings the Paris Tasting of 1976 to the Big Screen

Bottle Shock On May 24, 1976, Steven Spurrier, a British wine merchant hoping to stoke sales at his French-wine-only shop, held a wine competition in Paris. In this competition French judges were invited to blind-taste top chardonnays and cabernet sauvignons from France and California. In an event that would later be dubbed the Judgment of Paris, the California wines –included merely to serve as the “sacrificial lambs” to the supposedly superior French wines- won the competition in a shocking upset. This singular event revolutionized the wine industry and put California on the map as a major world producer of fine wine.

This story comes to life on the silver screen for the first time with the film Bottle Shock, starring Bill Pullman, Alan Richman, and Dennis Farina among other notables. I recently chatted with Bottle Shock Co-Writer and Producer Jody Savin about the film.

Why this film now?

To answer this question in a socio-political sense, I would venture to say that we live in challenging times.

Sonoma Winemaker Merry Edwards: A Viticulture and Winemaking Pioneer

Merry Edwards Sorting Grapes There is nothing I enjoy more in my role here at IntoWine than when I get to interview wine industry pros. "Peeking under the hood" and hearing what an accomplished winemaker has to say about their passion is simply fascinating. Recently I had the great fortune of chatting with Sonoma winemaker Merry Edwards about her career, her winemaking philosophy, and Merry Edwards Wines, her eponymous wine label and life-long dream. A pioneer for women in the winemaking industry, Merry Edwards is a renowned viticulturist and winemaker. Her work over the past 30 years has garnered her numerous awards and accolades including being named the "2004 Winemaker of the Year" by the San Francisco Chronicle.

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