2014 Limerick Lane Zinfandel Estate, USA, California, Napa - Wine Review

I had been hearing good things about this winery so I bought a bottle.  It did not disappoint.  Purple in color.  The nose has raspberries, bramble, spice and black cherries.  Great texture.  Silky yet full bodied.  On the palate, this is juicy with great raspberry and dark cherry fruit.  Firm tannins.  Great acidity.  Nice finish. A delicious bottle of wine with a nice complexity.  Seems like it might have some upside to develop.  

2014 Cattleya Syrah Soberanes Vineyard, USA, California, Santa Lucia Highlands - Wine review

Opened as part of my #BrownsSuckWinesDont program where I punish myself watching the Cleveland Browns and reward myself with interesting wines.  A new discovery for me, this was very good.  Purple in color.  The nose has black raspberries, black pepper, and slight black olives.  On the palate, this is juicy with great fruit.  A very lively wine.  Pop and pour it continued to get better until the last glass about 10 hours later.  I would hold these for now as there is good upside potential or at least give it plenty of air.  

2013 Jaffurs Syrah Larner Vineyard, USA, California, Santa Barbara - Wine Review

Opened while watching the Cleveland Browns lose again.  I needed something strong that wouldn't make me try to hard.  While this fit the bill, in fact, this will be a couple or few points better in a five years.  Purple inc olor.  The nose has black raspberries, white pepper, slight roasted meats and spice.  On the palate, black raspberries and roasted meats carry thru.  A bit of spice.  Deep but tightly packed.  Juicy acidity.  Delicious.  Nice finish.  

2013 Epoch Estate Wines Estate Blend, USA, California, Paso Robles - Wine review

Another nice wine from this producer.  This is a GSM blend with some other grapes as well.  Purple in color.  The nose has black and red raspberries, black pepper and spice.  On the palate, there is a nice varietal complexity.  Easy dirnking but more than that.  Nice texture.  Some depth.  Good with food.  Youthful, there is no hurry on this but drinking well today.  

2014 Epoch Estate Wines Syrah Block B Paderewski Vineyard, USA, California, Paso Robles - Wine Review

As to be expected, this is quite young and tight.  Yet, the nose is so precise it should develop beautifully.  Black raspberries, black pepper, roasted meats and violets.  On the palate, this took some time to open.  Vigorous tannins.  Black raspberry fruit tightly packed.  Deep.  Long finish.  Don't open for a few years without a long decant.  

2013 Epoch Estate Wines Syrah Block B Paderewski Vineyard, USA, California, Paso Robles

My favorite of the 12, 13 and 14 trio of these wines (though all are good).  This also seems to be the one with the most upside potential.  Inky purple in color.  The nose is dusty with black raspberries, black pepper and slightly roasted meats.  On the palate this is flat out delicious.  Deep with black raspberries, black cherries, juicy acidity and some chocolate.  Long finish.  Tightly packed it explodes in the glass.  Great wine.  

2012 Epoch Estate Wines Syrah Block B Paderewski Vineyard, USA, California, Paso Robles

Inky purple in color.  The nose has cedar, black raspberries and black pepper.  On the palate, jammy black raspberries with some black cherries and chocolate.  Good acidity.  This is a very rich and open Syrah but still quite young.  it will be interesting to see how these develop with ten or twenty years on them.  I think they will be just fine and not too dissimilar from the better Northern Rhone reds.  Time will tell.  

2013 Liquid Farm Chardonnay White Hill, USA, California, Sta. Rita Hills - Wine Review

I love this bottling and vintage.  The oak treatment is perfect for the fruit.  Golden in color.  The nose is clean with peach and slight ginger.  Creamy texture.  On the palate, apples, peaches and just a bit sweetness.  Deep and complex.  Long finish.  Great acidity.  Worked great with food but was delicious on its own.  Very impressive.  

2015 Woodwork Wines Chardonnay, USA, California, Central Coast - Wine Review

Plenty of value here for under $10.  First, the label tells you this has a vanilla and butterscotch oak profile with apple and pear fruit notes.  Both of those are pretty spot on.  The wine is deep golden in color.  The nose is red apples, with vanilla and slight butterscotch.  On the palate, this is simple and to the point.  Plenty of oaky notes; vanilla and some butterscotch with a bit of apples.  This is made for easy drinking and at that price, just fine for casual drinking or at a party.  

2013 Tangent Pinot Gris Paragon Vineyard, USA, California, Edna Valley - Wine Review

Really nice showing for this wine.  Light golden in color.  The nose has more fruit that the Italian versions of this grape.  Some tropical notes along with limes.  On the palate, the fruit parade continues.  A bit of underlying minerality.  Good acidity.  It has a nice freshness although I would drink these sooner than later.  Good finish.  Under $20.