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The White Wines of Bordeaux

My recent article, Bordeaux Wine Region in France: World's Most Famous Fine Wine Region, offered a general overview on the wines of Bordeaux.  One group of wines in this region that doesn’t get as much coverage is the dry white wines.  There are quite a bit of dry white Bordeaux wines made.  Unfortunately, most of it is of less than stellar quality.  There are some, however, that are the best wines in the world, capable of ageing for decades.

Bordeaux Left Bank Vintage Chart

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Bordeaux Blanc: The "Other" Bordeaux is a Great White Wine for Now and Later

Sancerre?  Yawn.  Chardonnay?  Ho-hum.  Albarino?  So 2007.  Looking for a new summer white to pair with fish, grilled veggies, and salads?  Something fresh, different?  Something crisp enough to sip in the sun, solid enough to drink with dinner, and complex enough to enjoy on its own?  Look no farther than Bordeaux.

Left-Bank Bordeaux Wines: Saint-Julien AC

Located in the middle of the Haut-Médoc district of the Left Bank in Bordeaux, Saint-Julien is the smallest of the fantastic four appellations which include Saint-Estèphe and Paulliac to the north as well as Margaux to the south.  So what sets Saint-Julien apart from the rest of the Haut-Médoc ACs? 

"Bordeaux" Author Stephen Brook Discusses Wine's Most Envied Region

Bordeaux by Stephen BrookBordeaux. The word alone conjures up thoughts of the finest wines the world over and the passionate oenophiles who clamor to get their hands on them. London author Stephen Brook, in his new book The Complete Bordeaux: The Wines, The Chateaux, The People, has produced what may be the definitive work on the wines of Bordeaux. In it Brook assesses over 1000 Bordeaux wine properties with detailed information on the grapes, wines, and production of each property. IntoWine caught up with Stephen recently to chat about the book and gather his thoughts on all things Bordeaux.

Why this book now?

Existing books on Bordeaux, such as Robert Parker’s or Clive Coates’s, were focused on tasting notes of individual wines, and paid little attention to lesser known areas of Bordeaux which offer good value to consumers. My book was intended to rectify that by including all regions of Bordeaux, as its title suggests. Many winelovers who might have bought Bordeaux routinely in the past may have become disillusioned by the soaring prices of the top growths, and it was part of my intention to discuss the vast number of excellent wines that remain eminently affordable.

The Infinite Variety of Bordeaux

"Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety." 

That’s what Shakespeare said about Cleopatra and while I never knew Cleopatra, you could say pretty much the same about the wines of Bordeaux.  There are a lot of them.  In fact, the infinite variety can be downright confusing.  How to sort out all the subregions of Bordeaux into some sensible framework would confuse Einstein, who concerned himself with simpler stuff like the theory of relativity.  But that didn’t stop the French.

Aging Wine, Part II: Five Wines Worth the Wait

Well-aged wine. The very thought of it stirs the spirit and whets the tongue. Older wine takes on a special character in our minds – not only has it been preserved over time, often lovingly tended by a patient caretaker, but it is a vestige of an era long past. It bears memories of the time when it was produced, the time when it was purchased, and all the time since when you’ve been waiting to enjoy it. There’s simply something special about old wine that captures our fancy in a way that new wine doesn’t.

Set the Dials on the Bordeaux Wayback Machine

Remember Peabody’s Improbable History from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show?  That dorky kid, Sherman, who’d probably be an internet billionaire today, would do whatever Mr. Peabody, the dog, told him to and off they’d go, visiting Attila the Hun or the Spanish Inquisition in the Wayback Machine.  They’d screw history up but manage to get it all back together eventually and the whole result was some fine campy humor that delighted my juvenile mind.

Costly Thy Bordeaux as Thy Purse Can Buy

I casually turned over the bottle in my hand. The most storied chateau in France, Mouton Rothschild. The most storied year in French wine history, 1945. This indeed was a bottle above all other bottles. Just imagine it, over 50 years old, this wine was vinted during the Nazi occupation of Bordeaux and France. I was holding history, liquid history.

And I turned the bottle over and saw…$13,000.

Bordeaux: A Question of Vintage

“My dear Greco! You surely aren’t serious!”

We were dining at Chez Panisse with the Count and Countess Ferrari, whom Anne, my better half, had met at some highbrow fundraiser to save vegan single mother whales. The Ferrari’s had latched on to her, representing themselves as the last in the line of the noble House of Ferrari. I thought I smelled a couple of phonies.

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