2014 Ronca Corvina, Italy, Veneto - Wine Review

Even just a hair better than the Bardolino, this Corvino is excellent.  It retails for $17.  Ruby in color.  The nose shows cherries and leather.  On the palate, this has ripe cherries.  Great acidity.  A bit of anise on the finish is very nice.  Light tannins.  Like most Italian wines, these are made for the dinner table and the acidity will work with the food.  Outstanding value.  

2015 Ronca Bardolino, Italy, Veneto - Wine Review

Outstanding value.  This wine retails for $15 and is outstanding.  Light ruby in color.  The nose has cherries with slight minerals and slight tea.  On the palate, it shows more sour cherries with great acidity.  Would certainly work better with food.  Ligh tannins.  Good finish.  I don't think this will age a long time but it should last a few years.  Very nice.  

2009 Torre Raone Montepulciano d'Abruzzo San Zopito, Italy - Wine Review

This is a step up from most MdA's.  Very good.  it is ripe and there is a slight ripe/sweetness to it.  It is delicious.  Purple in color.  The nose has plums and sandalwood.  On the palate, ripe plums and dark cherries.  Enough acidity.  Good finish.  At $30, it is pricier, but worth it.  At 8 years from vintage, it seems to be just closing in on peak but not quite.  

1997 Fontodi Chianti Classico Riserva Vigna del Sorbo

OMG.  This bottle was opened about 3 hours prior to drinking and decanted about 20 minutes prior (mostly for sediment).  I was just blown away.  I thought it would be good, even great, but it was amazing.  Purple/ruby in color, ruby at the rim.  The nose is awesome.  Deep with plums, dark cherries, iodine, slight sandalwood and spice, lush earthiness with lush forest floor notes.  On the palate, this is fresh and vibrant.  Complex, layered and deep.  Dark cherries, earthiness, forest floor notes, slight tea with just a slight drying tannin (in a good way).  Great acidity.  Worked perfectly

2004 Giacomo Grimaldi Barolo Sotto Castello di Novello, Italy, Piedmonte - Wine Review

Excellent showing for this wine.  It is a more modern take on a Barolo.  Deep ruby in color.  The nose has dark cherries, spice, and slight vanilla notes.  On the palate, this drinks more traditionally at 13 years from vintage if still a bit riper.  Cherries and dark cherries layered with slight earth and cedar.  Nice acidity.  Long finish.  Worked great with food (of course), but even on its own it drinks well.  Nice finish.  Seems to be closing in on peak but no hurry.  

2011 Michele Chiarlo Barbera d'Asti Superiore Nizza La Court, Italy, Piedmont - Wine Review

Purple in color.  Dusty cherries with slight plums on the nose.  On the palate, this is a bit more serious than many Barberas.  It has some depth with nice plum and cherry fruit.  There is a bit of spice as well.  Great acidity, it will work well with food.  Nice finish.  Really nice and in a good spot in 2017 but should have a few more years at least.  

2003 Merk Aquileia Treuve Bianco, Italy, Friuli - Wine Review

Sometimes wine fool you and they last.  Not so much this time.  At 14 years from vintage, this is not dead but well past prime I think.  Of course, with age, all bottles are different, but if you own any of this, you should probably check in on it.  Deep golden in color.  The nose has note of bell pepper and asparagus.  No fruit.  On the palate, its a bit better with a nice minerality but has a metallic note on the finish.  All that sounds terrible and its not leading me to believe younger vintages may have something to offer.  This one is worth dirnking if you have it (as oppose to dumping