Top 20 Tuscan Wines Under $45

Forty-five dollars is a lot of money to spend on a bottle of wine.  Yet, it is also a threshold pricing for wine.  For many people, that is the most they are willing to spend on a bottle.  For others, that is a typical Tuesday night pizza wine.  The real question is what kind of quality you can get for that price.  Unfortunately, the best wines often cost more.  On the other hand, spending more does not guarantee quality.  With that in mind, this article turns its attention to Italy in general and Tuscany in particular.

The Compelling Wines of Crete

The Greeks might be better known for being the architects of democracy, but they have an even longer wine history, stretching back at least 3,500 years on the island of Crete.

Sicily, Italy Vintage Chart

Sicily, Italy    
2010 90 D/H
2009 91 D/H
2008 90

Chianti, Tuscany, Italy Vintage Wine Chart

Chianti, Tuscany, Italy  
2009 90 D/H
2008 93 D/H
2007 93

Q&A with Leonardo Frescobaldi, President of Marchesi de' Frescobaldi

Marchesi de' FrescobaldiMost everyone knows the name Frescobaldi. After 30 generations of producing wine in Italy, they continue to dominate with distribution of their wines in 65 countries. They own five different estate vineyard sites throughout the Tuscany region planted to nearly 3,000 acres of grapes. Founded in the 14th century and a supplier of wines to the royal courts of Europe for generations, Marchesi de' Frescobaldi is still a family-owned company today.  The company continually upgrades and modernizes its grape growing and winemaking operations, maintaining a relentless focus on producing unique wines that range from approachable, everyday wines to rare, collector vintages. Leonardo Frescobaldi has been President of Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi since 2007, acting as leader and managing partner of multiple Frescobaldi companies. Prior to this position, he was Director of International Sales and Marketing, Board Member, and President of the Luce della Vite estate.

With 700 years of wine experience, are there still things you learn, things that take you by surprise with each vintage?

I consider that life represents the occasion for a continuous learning process. Particularly when you love the work you are doing. Certainly every vintage is a new chapter and brings a different challenge which enriches my patrimony of knowledge and experience. 

Q&A with Giacomo d'Alessandro, Founder and Owner of d'Alessandro Winery

d'AlessandroGiacomo d’Alessandro is the founder and owner of the d’Alessandro Winery, located near Agrigento in Sicily. Though the winery’s lands and vineyards have been in the family since 1820, only in 2006 did Giacomo open the family winery.

His latest entrepreneurial venture is d’Alessandro Wines, a technologically advanced winery that merges the family history and connection to the land with modern ecological “green” practices while making wines from indigenous Sicilian grapes.

Giacomo lives in Rome where the corporate office of his travel business is located, traveling frequently to the family home in Agrigento to oversee the development and expansion of the winery.  When not in Sicily or Rome, Giacomo can be found traveling the world promoting d’Alessandro Wines. 

Top Italian Red Wines

In a recent article, I discussed some of the best-known Super Tuscan wines.  Tuscany is just one of Italy's world-renowned wine regions; in fact, every region of Italy is capable of producing world-class wines.  The passion winemakers bring to the art and science of creating a top-quality wine of distinction is alive and well throughout Italy.

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