NV Marie Demets Champagne Cuvée Rubis, France - Wine Review

Deep sort of pink/orange in color.  Interesting.  On the palate, cranberries and some strawberries.  Nice mousse.  On the palate, this is more than just pleasant but not mind blowing.  Of course, neither is the price.  Some depth.  Nice cherries, minerals and slight chalkiness to it.  Good finish.  I wouldn't mind more cut to it, but there is enough.  It was a nice way to start an evening.  A Lyle Fass wine.  If you don't know this direct importer - Google him and sign up for his e-mails.  Great wine at reasonable prices.  

2005 Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne Brut Rosé Cuvée Palmes d'Or, France, Champagne - Wine Review

Pale but vibrant ruby in color.  The nose has some slight cherries and a bit of rhubarb.  A nice foam with a lot of little bubbles.  On the palate, this is good but lacks depth especially considering the price.  Nevertheless, an excellent wine.  The cherries with a slight bitter cherry flavors carry over to the palate.  Clean with a nice finish.  And of course, a gorgeous bottle.  

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