The Stellenbosch Wine Region: The Heart of South Africa's Wine Industry

Stellenbosch is synonymous with South African winemaking. South Africa's second-oldest town was founded in 1679 by Dutch settlers; the first wine grapes were planted not long after that, mainly by Huguenots who left France to find a new home. Settlers began establishing wine estates in the early 1680s, so it is not surprising that the town of Stellenbosch has lent its name to the wine region that surrounds it. Traditionally famous for its white wines, Stellenbosch has reinvented itself in recent years, changing focus and emphasizing production of quality red wines.

Best South African Red Wines (for the Money)

South Africa is making sports headlines as teams scramble to qualify for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, which will be held next June in Africa's southernmost country. South Africa's wines, too, are back in the news. For example, Market Watch reporter Kevin Barry describes wines from South Africa as "offering good value" and says that the South African wine market is "poised for substantial growth in the U.S. market."

Setting the Sights on South Africa

Apartheid. Nelson Mandela. Zulu Kings. Wildlife Safaris. When most people think of South Africa, a variety of things come to mind, but wine usually is not one of them. Yet that’s exactly what brought me to Stellenbosch, South Africa’s premier wine appellation, earlier this year. I was curious to see what the wine industry was like in a country with such a troubling, turbulent history, an industry that is still relatively elusive to the American consumer.