Ferreira Ruby Port - IntoWineTV Episode 80

"Great Port Wines". Host Lisa Kolenda and wine experts Loren Sonkin, Mulan Chan, and Edward Ruiz taste and discuss the Ferreira Ruby Port from the Douro Valley, Portugal.

Portugal's Alentejo Wine Region: One Region, Eight DOC Labels

Alentejo is Portugal's largest political region, encompassing about one-third of the country.  It's also the least densely populated region in Portugal.  About 10 percent of Alentejo is devoted to vineyards.  Much of the rest is used for growing cereal grains and olives. 

1995 Niepoort Colheita Port - IntoWineTV Episode 75

"Great Port Wines". Host Lisa Kolenda and wine experts Loren Sonkin, Mulan Chan, and Edward Ruiz taste and discuss the 1995 Niepoort Colheita Port from the Douro Valley, Portugal.

Porto, the Port Houses, & the Douro River: A Pictorial Tour of Portugal's Port Hub

Click on each image below to view a pictorial tour of Porto. Includes pictures of Porto from both sides of the Douro as well as many of the major port houses and attractions.

Portugal's Dão Wine Region: There and Back Again

I've borrowed J. R. R. Tolkien's famous subtitle because it so perfectly illustrates the history of Portugal's Dão wine region – a journey from small vineyards to large cooperatives to individual quintas.

Vinho Verde: Portugal's Largest Wine Region

The first thing you should know about Portugal's Vinho Verde wine region is that the name, which translates to "green wine," doesn't describe the color of the wine produced here.  Instead, the name refers to the tradition of drinking Vinho Verde wines while they are young.  In fact, the worst thing you can do to a Vinho Verde wine is save it for next year.

Douro Valley: Portugal's Best-Known Wine Region

If your local wine shop is like mine, you've noticed that the Portuguese wine section grows larger every month.  Wines from Portugal are becoming more and more popular.  At the heart of this surge in popularity is the Douro wine region, known for centuries as the home of Port wines.  Today, the Douro Valley is also famous for its excellent unfortified wines, particularly reds.

Refreshing White Wine Recommendations for those Hot Summer Nights

The dog days of summer are once again upon us. Whether your remedy to beat the heat is a cool pool, a shade tree, or a blasting air conditioner, it always helps to have a relaxing beverage to help ease the pain. IntoWine.com asked our panel of wine experts to recommend refreshing white wines for those hot summer nights:    

"On a hot summer evening, I look for a chilled white wine.  I also find that if the wine has a bit of sweetness, it offsets the heat a bit.  My go-to wines on these evenings tend to be Rieslings.  Rieslings are one of the most versatile wines for matching with food.  They are especially great with light summer fare such as a salad or fish or fruit.  They also make easy sipping on their own.

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