2005 Gravner Breg Anfora, Italy, Friuli, Wine Review

It can be hard to find a time to open these kinds of "orange" wines.  I love them but they are not for everyone.  This is a white blend of grapes that is fermented, on the skins in amphorae and then finished in barrels.  It has Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Riesling.  These kind of wines are best served at cellar temperature.  Golden brown in color.  The nose is oxidized but also has some apple cider, slight citrus and even a floral note.  If oxidized wines bother you, stay away.  I found the nose vibrant.  On the palate, this is also vibrant and full of energy.  Apple cider

2016 Tulip Winery White Tulip, Israel, Upper Galilee, Wine Review

Israel now has a vibrant wine culture.  Despite a history going back for centuries, wine production is really rather recent as little wine was made during the period of Arab control.  Tulip is one of the better wineries making a wide range of international varietals.  A blend of 60% Sauvignon Blanc and 40% Gewurztraminer, this is green/gold in color.  The nose has some initial lemon notes followed with some canned white grapefruit juice qualities.  On the palate, this is round but retains a nice acidity.  Grapefruit.  Slight sour lemon candy notes.  A bit clipped and warming on the finish. 

2015 Bevan Cellars Sauvignon Blanc Dry Stack, USA, California, Sonoma, Bennett Valley, Wine Review

Light to medium golden in color.  Cloudy.  The nose is very pretty with pineapple, and minerals and just the slightest notes of grass.  Revisiting this also has some hay.  On the palate, this is delicious.  A creamy texture.  A perception of sweetness from the ripe tropical fruit notes.  Also crisp enough served cold.  Long finish.  Worked well with food.  One of the truly great Sauvignon Blancs from California.  While it seems like it will age fine, it is so fresh and lively now, I am not sure it gets better, just different, I would (and I did), drink these sooner than later.  

2005 Domaine Pascal Cotat Sancerre Les Monts Damnés, France, Loire, Wine Review

A lot of people question whether cellaring white wine makes any sense.  This is one white that not only lasts but improves in the cellar.  At 13 years from vintage, this showed wonderfully with nothing "past prime" at all.  Medium golden in color, clear and bright.  The nose has a nice minerality to it with plenty of depth.  Also come melon (cantaloupe) and a bit of salinity.  On the palate, this is complex.  Slightly oily texture.  Notes of minerals, sea shells, but nice melon and peach fruit.  But the minerality was sublime.  Good acidity.  Long finish.  Went quite well with a spring sala

2013 Domaine François Cotat (Paul & François) Sancerre Les Monts Damnés, France, Loire - Wine Review

Seems to be in a bit of a dumb phase right now.  Don't get me wrong, it is quite good but not as good as it can be.  Light golden in color.  The nose has some grapefruit and nice minerality.  A bit of salinity.  On the palate, this is good but not breaking out any complexities.  Nice grapefruit and minerals.  Good texture.  Excellent with food.  As good it is today, I would hold for a year or two or 8 and patience will be rewarded.