2016 ARCOS Salice Salentino, Italy, Apulia, Wine Review

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This is a blend of 90% Negro Amaro and 10% Malvasia from Puglia, Italy.  It sells for $12 which is a great value.  Ruby in color although deeper purple at the core.  The nose has black cherries, with a nice earthy merde quality to it.  On the palate, this is cleaner with nice black cherry fruit.  Slightly bitter on the finish, this really needs some food.  Medium tannins.  It should be good for another few years at least.  Tasty wine that will be good for summer barbecues and casual evenings.  

2008 Montecchio Vin Santo, Italy, Tuscany, Chianti, Wine Review


Deep golden in color.  The nose is hot with a nutty note and slight dried honey.  On the palate, there is a ton of alcohol showing.  Slightly viscous.  Barely sweet.  Some nuttiness.  On the finish, the alcohol vapors continue.  The label says 19% and it was every bit of that.  Not sure where it goes from here.  It seemed surprising it was not labeled liquoroso.  When slowly sipped it offered some warmth and enjoyment but it is not a wine for the dinner table.