This is Malvasia variety that is unique to the Istrian Peninsula from Croatia.  These grapes are grown according to biodynamic principals.  The grapes are then allowed to soak with their skins on for seven to twenty days in large wooden barrels.  Fermentation is done thru indigenous yeasts.  The wines are then aged  in large oak barrels before being released.  A very interesting wine (and good, too!).  Deep golden in color, clear and bright.  And, yes, this is an orange or macerated wine although it doesn't appear that it is taken to the extremes of some.  Very clean.  The nose is nice with a bit of an apple cider note and just a bit of salinity.  Medium bodied with light but present tannins.  On the palate, this is a bit flat and finishes sour, but both in an interesting and good way.  The cider note also carries thru.  A slight almond quality on the finish.  Like many "Orange" wines, this improves with a bit of food but was interesting and contemplative on its own.  I am only guessing on ageability, but I suspect this should go another seven to ten year with no degradation.  The wine was initially a bit too cold and should probably be served around 60F.  

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