1994 Cockburn Porto Vintage, Portugal, Douro, Wine Review

Pop and pour, this may have benefited from a decant.  From a 375ml.  Purple in color.  The nose has black cherries, some dust and a bit of chocolate.  On the palate, the black cherries and chocolate carry thru.  Nice texture.  Finishes a bit hot but that was saved by serving it with vegan salted caramel pecan ice cream and a brownie.  Over all this is very good if not at the top level of vintage ports.  

2003 Graham Vintage Porto, Portugal, Wine Review

Grahams is one of the top Port Houses.  Stylistically, it is usually one of the sweeter Ports of those top houses.  2003 was a very hot year in Europe.  Oddly enough, that meant many of the wines either got too ripe or they vines shut down and the resulting wines did not have enough stuffing.  This wine is in the former category.  How that plays out depends on your personal tastes.  Deep purple in color.  The nose is jammy with black raspberries and black raspberry candy.  On the palate, the jammy candied quality continues.  Lots of black raspberry fruit.  Not a ton of depth but some.  Some

1994 Warre Porto Vintage, Portugal, Wine Review

From a 375ml.  Ruby in color, clear and bright.  The nose is dusty with black raspberries.  On the palate, this has sweet black raspberry fruit.  Still drinking young.  Layers of fruit along with char.  Long finish.  Not overtly sweet but a bit sweet.  Plenty of time based on this bottle.  

1991 Dow Porto Vintage, Portugal, Wine Review

Ruby in color.  This was pop and pour.  The nose is nice with raspberries and milk chocolate.  Slight alcohol.  On the palate, this is very good if not great.  Milk chocolate covered dried raspberries.  Some heat.  Not the depth or complexity of other vintages for this house.  Heat on the finish. 

Port Wine Truffle Sauce

I think Port is an underappreciated wine. At least in my life, I’ve always restricted it to dessert wine, and not being a dessert person, the bottles I acquired tended to sit around in my wine cabinet to gather dust and “age”. But, about a year ago, a friend (let’s call him John) at work called me over to his desk, pointed to an open bottle of port and a glass (fortunately he doesn’t operate heavy machinery) and asked me try his “…favorite $20 bottle of port, the best deal around”. The wine tasted very nice, but what interested me more than the flavor, was the way he thought about Port.