What a cool wine.  This is a sweet Sherry.  The grapes were grown in 1964 and harvested in August and the grapes were dried into a must.  After about a year, the wine was made and then stored in Amontillado Butts.  This particular bottling was done in 2022.  We enjoyed it with a friend who is turning 60 and so was his birth year.  The bottle was 200ml and very pretty.  Basically a rectangular shape and sealed with a glass closure.  The wine itself was ethereal.  Deep, dark brown (think dark Molasses) in color.  Bright and opaque.  The nose is great with coffee beans, slight char, slight very dark chocolate and a bit of caramel.  Viscous.  Full bodied.  Like motor oil.  On the palate, this is sweet, but not as sweet as expected.  An excellent back bone of acidity keeps it fresh.  Flavors of black coffee, and dark chocolate and a slight roasted note.  Long finish.  I suppose one could have dessert with this but that would only limit the experience.  This should last another sixty years.  A real WOW wine! (The price listed is for a 750 ml, but the 200 ML is $95)

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