This is made from 100% Pedro Ximinez grapes but is dry as a bone.  Supposedly it is not fortified which is possible given how sweet the PX grapes can get although the label lists 19%abv.  Not from Jerz but rather Montilla-Moriles which is where most PX grapes are grown these days.  The Solera is over 15 years old and the average age of the vines is over 20.  The wine comes in 500ml format.  Deep orange/copper in color.  The nose is great.  Deep with complex layers.  Nutty with figs and salinity but also a bit of a buttery note.  On the palate, this is deep and complex.  Layers of nuttiness with slight orange rind and tea.  A bit drying on the finish but no signs of alcohol.  Long finish.  This would work with soups or stews quite well in addition to salty tapas.  It seems like it should drink well for five to ten more years.  

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