What an interesting and great wine.  This is a sweet dessert wine made from Pedro Ximinez grapes.  This was made from grapes harvested in 1946.  It was casks and bottled in 2011.  There have been varying batch releases since then (though none on the market as of now).  It is dark brown in color.  A pretty color but not one normally associated with great wines.  The nose has a tootsie roll quality with a touch of chocolate liqueur.  Viscous.  On the palate, the tootsie roll notes follow thru but also a bit of warming alcohol which works nicely.   It is sweet, not cloying with a bit of acidity to balance it off.  It will be hard to work with food, perhaps a bit-sweet chocolate dish.  I would imagine this wine will last for another fifty years at least.  


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