2013 Rotllan Torra Priorat Autor, Spain, Priorat, Wine Review


This is the entry level wine from one of the better producers in Priorat. A blend of 35% Garnacha, 35% Mazuelo and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon.  Purple in color, ruby at the rim, opaque and bright.  The nose is spicy with black cherries and a touch of dill.  On the palate, this is soft with bitter cherries.  It has firm tannins.  Bitter on the finish.  It doesn't seem like this will get better but it shows no real signs of age.  Still, iits probably best to drink in the next three to five years.  

Priorat, Spain - Wine Vintage Chart

Priorat, Spain 2009 88 D 2008 87 D 2007 89 D 2006 90 D/H 2005 90 D/H 2004 93 D/H 2003 88 D/H 2002 82 D 2001 93 D/H 2000 83 D 1999 92 D 1998 88 D 1997 85 D 1996 87 D 1995 86 D 1994 88 D Vintage Charts should be used for a generalized guide in lieu of specific knowledge about a bottle or producer...

Laely Heron on Sexto, Balance, Wanderlust & the Evolution of a Cult Winemaker

Laely Heron (Click Image to Enlarge) Laely Heron's life reads like that of a character in a James Bond flick. Raised by adventure seeking parents, Laely spent her childhood moving from one exciting place to another -Algeria one year, Singapore the next- with over a dozen different places of residence by the time she graduated high school. College found Laely at the University of Colorado but wanderlust soon took her to Bordeaux to study oenology. The end result was a young woman with a nose for the unique customs, flavors, and scents that differentiate cultures. Not surprisingly, a wine career ensued. Adventurous, entrepreneurial, talented, ambitious and, let’s face it, stunningly beautiful, the only thing missing is a secret identity and a pistol in her boot and Laely Heron could very well be a Bond girl. Action flicks aside, today Laely Heron is pushing the envelope in the wine industry as she endeavors to reshape the image of the “cult“ winemaker as one who makes high quality, ambitious, and affordable wines. Thanks to Laely for chatting with IntoWine.