2009 Domaine Frédéric Lambert En Beaumont Chateau-Chalon, France, Jura, Wine Review

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Fascinating wine.  This is Vin Jaune (Yellow Wine) from the Jura (near the Swiss border in France).  It is made in a dry, oxidative style utilizing late harvested Savagnin grapes.  The wines are made similar to Sherry where a blanket of yeasts forms over the top as the wine is ageing for a minimum of 60 months.  This does not appear to be fortified as the label lists 14% abv.  It comes in a .625L squat bottle known as a Clavelin with a yellow wax over the cork.  Supposedly, this size allows the winemaker to start with 1 Liter which after the minimum of six years before release has reduced (