Fascinating wine.  This is Vin Jaune (Yellow Wine) from the Jura (near the Swiss border in France).  It is made in a dry, oxidative style utilizing late harvested Savagnin grapes.  The wines are made similar to Sherry where a blanket of yeasts forms over the top as the wine is ageing for a minimum of 60 months.  This does not appear to be fortified as the label lists 14% abv.  It comes in a .625L squat bottle known as a Clavelin with a yellow wax over the cork.  Supposedly, this size allows the winemaker to start with 1 Liter which after the minimum of six years before release has reduced (evaporated) down to 625ml.  Reading up on these wines after the fact, it appears these should be opened a day ahead to allow it to breathe and some of the more chemical scents can clear.  Oh well.  Golden in color, clear and bright.  The nose is oxidized with a fair amount of alcohol.  it has a perception of sweetness and a bit of formaldehyde.  Going back to it after a couple of hours, it was much cleaner.  Nutty with a bit of curry.  Full bodied and slightly viscous.  On the palate, there is a bitter orange rind quality but in a good way.  The nuttiness caries thru.  A long finish.  This wine really works better with salty foods.  Even a few nuts work to balance the alcohol.  A little goes a long way but it is interesting and contemplative if not for everyone.  These wines are said to be able to age for one hundred years so no hurry.  

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