Lagrein: Articles on the Lagrein Red Wine Grape Varietal

Lagrein: Red Wine from Italy's Alto Adige Region is Great for Winter Recipes

Near the Austrian border in northern Italy, from the region of Alto Adige comes an excellent red wine called Lagrein (pronounced la-GRINE) that really hits the spot on a winters night dinner table.  Lagrein is also the name of the grape from which it is made.  As was discussed here, the area of Alto Adige is very close to the Austrian border and has a shared history with both Italy and Austria.  Hence, the German language is spoken frequently and either or both languages may appear on a wine label.  You can find it made as both a red wine, often called Dunkel in German and Scuro in Italian, or a Rosè, called Kretzer in German or Rosato in Italian. 

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