Sineann sadly no longer utilizes fruit from this vineyard.  Panther Creek does, but I have yet to try one.  Peter Rosback did amazing things with this vineyard back in the day.  At age 10, this is still youthful but drinking wonderfully.  For Oregon, Sineann wines tend to be big at birth, but as they age, they mellow and integrate.  This one is just starting to.  Deep ruby in color.  The nose has cherries, slight sour cherries, a slight bit of cedar and a nice earthiness.  On the palate, the sour cherries and slight cherries layer with the clean earthiness.  Great balance and energy.  Deep and complex layering.  Long finish.  This will continue to mature over the next five to ten and be good for ten to fifteen after that.  This is certainly one of the better Oregon Pinots I have had.  This utilized a glass cork which has seemed to seal quite well in this instance.  


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