2007 in Oregon was a love it or hate it vintage.  The wines tended to be thinner and less ripe.  Whether this is good is up to the taster.  While I have had some lovely wines from that vintage, for the most part, it is not one of my favorite vintages.  Sineann tends to make bigger styled Pinots (on an Oregon scale), so it was interesting to see how this was drinking at 12 years from vintage.  For my tastes, this was not up to the usual level of enjoyment.  Ruby in color.  The nose has some cherry juice, a bit of spice and slight herbaceous quality.  On the palate, this is light bodied.  Light cherry fruit.  A green streak right down the middle.  Good balance and nice finish.  It works much better with some food.  In our case a veggie burger worked well.  While it doesn't seem old, it's not getting any better and really doesn't show much complexity.  No hurry but no point in holding either.  That said, certainly worth drinking.  And of course, if you like this style, your mileage may vary.  


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