Plush is not a usual descriptor for a wine, however this Cabernet is like velvet; smooth, silky, tactile, luxurious…effortless. The moderately tight tannic structure supports black cherry, boysenberry, blueberry and huckleberry fruit notes, while the wood influence provides a sense of stability, almost like a guardrail, keeping the fruit, acidity and tannins in check. This is one of those wines that when you drink it you are reminded of how different iterations of Cabernet can be, and at this moment, the polished feel of this wine is like an old friend, comfortable and welcomed. There is no shortage of quality Napa Cabernet, but there is a shortage of this style - one that is not only endearing, but that has a personality. Additionally, the quality of the Mancino should command a higher price, therefore at $75 you simply cannot go wrong. ORIGIN: Napa Valley. ALCOHOL: 15.1%

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