This is a blend of French and American varietals made along the shores of Lake Erie near what is known as the Lake Erie Islands.  For those history fans, back in the 1800's, the Lake Erie Islands were on of the top wine producing regions in the country.  As recently as the 1930's it was rated as one of the top 5 along with Napa, Virginia, New York and Missouri.  Now the area is a summer vacation spot and due to the cold winters, late springs, hot summers, it can be a difficult place to make wine.  Mon Ami is a restaurant and a winery.  This is ruby/orange in color, deep and bright.  The nose has light watermelons and some rhubarb.  On the palate, this is quite viscous.  It is sweet  but not overtly.  It also has a nice sour watermelon jolly rancher quality to it.  Served cold it is refreshing.  It does finish slightly cloying and some light food to munch on is a good idea.  It retails for $9 and is a fine wine for sitting out on a summer day (at Put-in-Bay?).  


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