Lonz winery no longer exists as a winery (it is part of a park in the Lake Erie Islands), but at one time was the largest winery in the country!  The Lake Erie Islands are a summer time vacation and recreation spot (as well as the mainland coast).  This is a vacation wine meaning that it intended for people to buy while in the area and enjoying their vacation.  It is sold in and near the Lake Erie Islands in northwest Ohio.  This is self described as a white Zinfandel styled wine.  It is unclear what varietals are used to make it up (or even if it is 100% grapes).  Deep ruby in color.  The nose has a vitus labrusca aroma to it.  That is the foxy scent that comes from grapes indigenous to the northeast.  There is also a metallic quality.  On the palate, there is little fruit to be found here.  What is there is clipped.  The winery suggests drinking this with Lake Erie Perch.  It is a fun label and while there are no doubt people who enjoy this wine (taste is subjective), the enjoyment beyond the gimmick are lost.  At $10, however, it was fun to taste.  


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