For years MacRostie has had much success with Chardonnay and this latest offering is no exception. Pulling fruit from three distinct vineyards – all of which produce exceptional fruit on their own - this offers a taut acidity with light notes of green melon, citrus, star fruit, honeysuckle, lemon meringue, resin, guava and floral wildflower notes – a palette of tropical fruits. The combination of these vineyard sources shows how a wine can be better than the sum of its parts, and The Key is a harmonious, lovely, enjoyable wine. The pressed wine went directly into oak barrels where a malolactic fermentation occurred, giving the wine a tactile texture. The acidity though is what drives this – making this an ideal wine for numerous food pairings. 361 cases. ORIGIN: Sonoma Coast. ALCOHOL: 14.1%

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