The Small Lot expressions of Cuvaison (wine typically under 200 cases and a focused identity) have become some of the most exciting and anticipated wines coming out of California. This latest Chardonnay expresses both traditional and non-traditional Chardonnay notes. Typical would be citrus, lemon lime, white peach and guava. Untypical shows kumquat, amber resin, a slight sour green apple and an even slighter butter rum hard candy. The acidity drives this wine and the smooth viscosity counterpoints the noticeable acidity making this also unusual in that it is both crisp and soft at the same time – something wines might strive for, but few achieve. In the impressive hands of winemaker Stave Rogstad, an average Chardonnay takes on a new personality and shows that coaxing creative flavors and textures out of a wine are indeed possible. ORIGIN: Napa Valley, Los Carneros. ALCOHOL: 14.5%

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