Small lot Chardonnay. Not many people take the time to create small batches of wine, but Cuvaison does and it opens the door into wines that are specially cared for and you can taste that. This Chardonnay is a shy, subtle Chardonnay, and even though winemaker Steve Rogstag says it’s an “iconic California style,” it’s really more a respectful nod to Burgundy. Yes, this is 100% Chardonnay, aged in both French and American oak for 18 months, with full malolactic fermentation, but the acidity and light flavors veer away from California to France. There are definite notes of guava, honeysuckle stem, apricot, lemon curd and modest lime kefir, along with a solid minerality, peach, Asian pear and the aforementioned acidity. The beauty of this is that it is quiet, not assertive, but if you pay attention, it offers clues as to its body, palate weight and balance of fruit and wood. In short, Cuvaison has, yet again, crafted a superb wine that might elude some, but for those seeking something exceptional, Hedon should be on your list. ORIGIN: Napa Valley, Los Carneros.  ALCOHOL: 14.6%

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