This is a blend from the winery's home vineyard of 87% Zinfandel, 13% Mixed Black Varieties (Alicante Bouschet, Petite Sirah, Grand Noir, Peloursin, Trousseau Noir, Tempranillo, Carignan, Muscadelle, Malvasia, Muscat, Clairette blanche & 28 Other Varieties).  Purple in color with some ruby swirls, opaque and bright.  The nose takes about twenty minutes to open and then just keeps improving.  Black cherries, raspberries, char, black raspberries, kirsch, and spice.  Full bodied.  Great energy.  Wonderful balance.  Light to medium tannins.  Great semi-lush texture.  On the palate, this is flat out delicious.  Flavors of black raspberries, black cherries, spice and char.  Long finish.  This is young and could use more time (and it will improve).  While it could probably go ten to fifteen more years, its youthful exuberance should not be missed.  Great on its own, this would work with almost anything (maybe not fish) off the grill.  It went great with grilled veggies.  Great value.  

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