Another wine from Food and Gift purveyors Harry & David.  These are available from their web site and stores and sold as packages and gift sets along with their other products.  The label touts that the grapes were picked early in the season which seemed a bit counter intuitive although they likely are trying to achieve a crispness.  Given Oregon's climate, that was a bit puzzling.  In any event, not the first wine label I didn't understand.  The wine itself is very nice.  Very pale pink in color with some light lavender and silver hues.  The nose is very nice with peaches, strawberries and watermelons.  Clean.  On the palate, the wine has a slightly oily texture which is nice and gives it some weight.  Cherries and watermelons approaching a slight bitter note (that many roses have) but not which is a good thing.  The finish is clean and quick.  This really worked better with food and was fantastic with a Watermelon, Feta and Mint salad.  Made for immediate drinking.  

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