This is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc (44%), Chardonnay (41%), Malvasia (10%), and Pinot Gris(5%).  The name comes from a proprietary clone of Sauvignon Blanc that Flora Springs utilizes in the Crossroads vineyard.   It is an interesting white that really needs some air when opening.  Silvery/green in color with pale yellow/gold.  On opening the oak is dominant and that did not work well.  Of course, this is just being released and that will cure itself.  In any event, patience is rewarded.  After about an hour of breathing the tropical fruit came out.  A slight bit of grassiness, in a good way compliments the nose.  The oak fades leaving just a bit of vanilla as well.  It is similar on the palate.  On opening, this is a bit hot, but allowing it to breathe for a bit did wonders.  In fact, this is one of the few white wines that is better on day 2.  The palate shows a full bodied texture with mangoes, melon and slight almond milk notes.  The finish is long. This will go great with pasta, seafood or fowl and especially with a cream based sauce.  I suspect it will age well for at least five years and likely a decade or more although the personality of the wine will surely change.  If serving soon, a thirty minute to an hour decant is a good idea.  

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