This is drinking quite well.  At a time when Burgundy prices are soaring and the "best" producers are unaffordable, Chablis still offers the ability to get a great wine.  The question is how long will this continue.  Light green/silver with a slight gold in color.  The nose is pretty classic with crushed shells, chalk and green apples.  On the palate, this has a much creamier texture and more rounded than expected.  Presumably that is due to barrel fermentation and a bit higher alcohol levels.  No matter, it still has a nice green apple and mineral flavor set with is quite refreshing and delicious.  Good acidity.  Long finish.  This will work great with lighter foods and sea food.  It has a nice crispness that should serve it well at the table.  It seems like it should last for a decade easily though that seems to always be a concern in white Burgundy these days (random premature oxidation).  

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