This is a very special bottling. A  wine friend, Bob Wood, passed away about 10 years ago.  Bob was a huge fan of this winery.  He was also a bit of a Curmudgeon, something he  prided himself on.  After his passing, the owner release this wine as a one off tribute.  From the excellent 2012 vintage which is ironic as Bob seemed to like the wines produced in less riper vintages.  At age 12, this wine is drinking wonderfully.  Light ruby in color but with a few darker hues, mostly clear and bright.  The nose is great with cherries, slight sour cherries, and a bit of sandalwood.  Medium bodied with light tannins.  Silky texture.  On the palate, this has really developed well.  It has a nice complexity.  Flavors of cherries, slight candied cherries, slighter sour cherries with some clean earthiness.  Great balance.  Nice finish.  No hurry, this wine still has another seven to ten years left.  Nice on its own, but this wine will work better with food.  A nice wine for pairing with some Pacific Northwest Salmon.