There is a lot of controversy about this American producer.  I won't go into the here except to say, all the wines I personally purchased and opened so far have been at or above expectations.  Pop and pour.  Light ruby in color, slightly hazy which is not uncommon in Burgundies.  The nose is very nice.  Earthy with slight mushrooms, cherries, slight cranberry notes and just a bit of funk.  Medium bodied with tart acidity (in a good way).  On the palate, nice cherry fruit with underlying earthiness and slight mushrooms.  Still on the youthful side of full maturity.  That said at age eleven, this does seem slightly ahead of pace of where I might expect a Grand Cru to be.  Drink over the next seven to ten years.  This drinks nicely on its own but will do better with food.  Beef Bourgogne seems an obvious choice but also roasted chicken.   

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