For those who like a bit more "Borgundian" style of Oregon Pinot Noir, Thomas is a great choice.  Also, 2008 was a ripe vintage and I am reminded once again, the "great" vintages in Oregon are not the ones where J. Thomas makes his best wines IMO.  This was not as good as a bottle consumed two years ago.  So it goes.  Slightly deeper ruby in color, mostly clear but a bit flat.  The nose is nice with cherries, black cherries, slight sandalwood and a slighter mushroom.  Medium bodied.  Nice balance.  On the palate, this seems a bit past prime and showing a bit tired.  It is still good, but less than expectations.  Cherries, some dried cherries and mushrooms.  Moderate finish.  This drinks nicely on its own, but would be better with food.  A Mushroom dish would be great.  These should be drunk (or at least checked in on), sooner than later.  

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